About Us

Concierge medicine is about gaining better access to your doctor and experiencing closer management of your health care. The most important thing to look for in a relationship with your doctor is that you feel comfortable with the communication, both ways, and that you have the trust and confidence you need for a successful relationship.

If any issues arise, you want to know that your doctor is there for you when you need him/her the most. Dr. DeLuca will guide and help direct your care whether it is in the office, hospital or with sub-specialists. If you are sick, you are generally able to be seen within 24 hours. The office coordinates all your appointments with specialists and various testing and reminds you of upcoming lab work or diagnostic testing.

About Dr. DeLuca

Dr. Charlene Deluca is an Internal Medicine physician with a fellowship in Primary Care Sports Medicine. She completed her Medical Residency and Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship at Brown University School of Medicine. Dr. DeLuca has more than 20 years of experience and has been caring for patients in Naples since 2006.

Before coming to Naples, Dr. Deluca worked in Internal Medicine and Primary Care Sports Medicine at a private practice in Arlington, Virginia. She was a volunteer physician in the emergency room at the Virginia Hospital Center during the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. She also worked as a physician for the FBI Washington Field Office, CIA, Department of Defense, Department of Agriculture and Police and Fire to perform annual executive physicals and manage job injuries.

Dr. DeLuca worked with a variety of sports teams ranging from college to professional. During her fellowship training at Brown University, she was both a Team Physician and Consulting Physician for the AHL Providence Bruins and NHL Boston Bruins Hockey Organization. She also worked as Team Physician for the Washington, DC Marine Corps Marathon, as well as for the Washington, DC AIDS Ride, and as Assistant Team physician for the United States Figure Skating Championships.

Prior to opening her Naples Concierge practice in 2014, Dr. DeLuca was seeing patients as a hospitalist since 2006, working largely with both middle aged and geriatric population. She started out as an employed Hospitalist working at NCH Healthcare System and Physicians Regional Hospitals.

Dr. Deluca then went on to be a partner in a local Hospitalist Company. After the sale of that company, she became a Medical Director and hospitalist with Hospital Physician Partners at Physicians Regional Medical Center’s two Naples locations. She then began a solo Hospitalist practice which developed into a Concierge Hospitalist practice. Dr. Deluca has also served as Chairman and then Vice Chairman for the Department of Medicine at Physicians Regional health care system in Naples Fl.

About Sports Medicine

As a middle aged adult myself, I, like many of the patients I work with, still like to consider myself a scaled down version of the “athlete” I once was, albeit an “aging athlete”.

I now find myself attempting to keep up my health and fitness while facing some of the ongoing challenges that come along with getting older.

So now, as a Concierge physician specializing in Internal Medicine and Primary Care Sports Medicine, the focus of the sports medicine side of my practice is entirely different than it was when I first started out.

Instead of dealing with professional teams and college athletics, I now am treating people like you and I, the weekend warriors, the avid golfer, runner, tennis player, or even grandma and grandpa who stay fit by doing daily walks or bike rides around the neighborhood.

Let’s face it, in southwest Florida, our seniors’ look and feel a lot younger! Every day you can see people of all ages walking, riding bikes, roller blading beginning early in the morning and going into the late evening.

Staying fit is a priority to many of our residents. Many have retired only to find themselves exercising more than they ever did when they were younger – Proof that there IS fitness after 50. Age is just a number, but how we feel chronologically on the inside is influenced by our attitude and to some degree, by choice.

Granted, the challenges and goals are different after 50, both physically and psychologically. There are hormonal and gender related issues as well as nutritional issues that we may encounter. This just means that we are required to tweak and adapt our health and fitness plans along the way.

The bottom line is that with a few ongoing adjustments, a realistic mindset, proper nutritional habits and proper fitness training and technique, we can work our way into a healthier, happier, more fit version of ourselves moving forward.