The Physical

The physical takes an hour and half to two hours which includes lab work and an EKG. After the physical exam, you go into Dr. DeLuca’s office where she will review your medical records, recent lab work, past and current issues and then both of you will come up with a plan of care for the next year. After the physical, if there are any diagnostic tests that are recommended the office will schedule these for you. You will also receive a booklet with a letter from Dr. DeLuca detailing your exam with test results for your records.


Some of the professional and convenience services provided to our patients are:

  • Annual and complete physical exam, health assessment and lifestyle planning
  • 24/7 access by phone, email and facsimile
  • Hospital care coordination
  • Expedited appointments and extended visits
  • Personal Health Care Facilitators
  • In office lab
  • Arrangement of appointments for specialist visits and diagnostic testing
  • Coordination of care with local, regional and out-of- state physicians and renowned health care institutions
  • Limited patient membership
  • Assistance with educational material regarding travel outside of the US